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Ceramic Pro Direct is managed by Ceramic Pro LLC corporate in San Diego, California. Here, Ceramic Pro Certified Installers and Elite Dealers can order Ceramic Pro coatings, KAVACA films and Americana Global detailing products.

Installers will need approval to join the site ordering system. Please contact your Ceramic Pro representative or submit an inquiry on ceramicpro.com to become an installer.

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Be sure to register as a current dealer or apply to become one in order to be able to shop from our professional line of coatings and films.

PPF and Window Tint
Kavaca Films

KAVACA® Automotive Films by Ceramic Pro represent the pinnacle in film technology. We offer paint protection film and window film. Our PPF line offers the most advanced self-healing properties of any film in the industry. In much the same way, KAVACA® Advanced Window Films offer the most competitive IR heat and UV ray filtration available today.

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Ceramic Pro Direct is a division of Ceramic Pro LLC. Our focus is on customer service. Our goal is to give Ceramic Pro certified installers, Elite Dealers and distributors personalized service. We service Ceramic Pro Certified Installers in USA and Latin America.


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