Ceramic Pro Coating Training (LATAM)

Ceramic Pro Coating Training (LATAM)

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Doing more for our dealers

Simplified Product Ordering

We've created this dealer-only online store specifically for certified Ceramic Pro installers. We supply Ceramic Pro coatings, KAVACA films, and professional detailing essentials by brands such as Americana Global. Buying professional coatings, supplies and marketing material for your shop has never been easier. We want the supply process to be as streamlined as possible so you can get back to work on the success of your business.

Work With Your Representative

We encourage you to continue working closely with your Ceramic Pro representative. They are your first and most important point of contact. If you have any questions about ordering, product, pricing, usage... anything, really. They are here to help. Even if you come here directly and place an order, you are still supporting your rep. This ensures they are at the ready whenever you need them.